Your Core Essence Blueprint Guide

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About this product

How good would it be to have a definitive personalised life guide; something akin to an instruction manual that outlines your design make up so you can fully understand & address the causes behind struggles that are playing out in various patterns?

This guide will provide the answers to deep burning questions including;

>  Your 'natural' gifts & how to use these to your advantage
>  How to eliminate the dysfunctional negative aspects from showing up in your life
>  What is required to make the most of your given qualities & create abundance with ease
>  The blocks that have built up & been holding you back 
>  Who has been party to the restrictions happening now in your life
>  When these limiting situations occurred, the effect they have had & how to now rid yourself of them
>  What you need to do to create the life of your dreams!  

The information revealed is pure gold fast forwarding you into a future filled with abundance that feels in flow & completely at ease to your being.

Sound useful? 

I 110% know it is but don't just take my word for it here's what_______ recently said following completion of their programme with me:


Your transformation will begin the moment you set your intention for change in motion by sending me your details to purchase your personalised realignment guide. I will then set to work on discovering your unique blueprint along with the negative imprints that are showing up you've accumulated over time so we can uncover how you can move on to maximise your 'default gift settings'  attracting an amazing flow of abundance your way.

Your transformation programme will consist of 3 one on one sessions in total. The first being sharing with you the above findings and the second & third helping you to then further implement this in depth knowledge into your day to day life  so you can start enjoying the results. 
Each session will take approx 45 mins.

There will also be 21 days homework that will require no more than 5 minutes of your time each day to complete.

The sooner you get to know your 'real' inner self the sooner you can start to reap the rewards of better relationship, more wealth & a happy, healthier you as you live in alignment to who you really are.

Initially all that is required is your current name, birth name, date & place of birthWhiteSpacer-YvBNJY.png