999 It's a party bag emergency!

“You’re a lifesaver “ those were the words that she used!


drowning2-dU26RC.pngI’ll never forget them. Somewhat exaggerated I thought in light of our ‘real hero’s’ who put their lives on the line but I’ll happily take it. The relief in her voice was real & a weight visibly lifted once I’d explained her party bags wouldn't be at risk any longer!

You see Jo was the manager of a soft play centre that was a weekly social for me & my son. Every Friday morning we’d visit & meet up with other Mom’s for a few hours before exhaustion set in & the midday nap was needed.


One particular day Jo was drowning in tasks because she was short staffed & had a crazy weekend of parties ahead that she was desperately trying to organise. She was sinking fast. I'm sure you know the feeling...


I’d got to know her well & couldn’t just sit back & watch her struggle alone. I offered my help to see what I could do to ease the stress that had set in.

It turned out her biggest panic was her party supply delivery hadn’t arrived & she needed 157 party bags by tomorrow or there would be 157distraught toddlers not to mention the parents that she’d be letting down.


She needed a miracle & needed it fast!!!


This was all in the infancy of Special Additions being set up and launched. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so had held off announcing it to the world until everything was just so plus my intention was to just sell online to Moms. I hadn’t even considered bulk buy.


I had the majority of what was needed back at home to come to the rescue though. Surely I could source any missing pieces as a one off just for now.


That was 13yrs ago & we've never looked back. 

Jo was my first trade client who I went on to supply each month from that day on. It was a council owned facility which opened doors to supplying their other local venues that offered kids parties who each sourced, prepared & packed their own party bags. The feedback was overwhelming; it had freed up so much staff time, storage space & cash flow for them as well as receiving raving reviews from parents it was an all round win-win!

If you’ve not considered outsourcing your party bags & enjoying all the stress free benefits this brings then why not arrange a 7 minute discovery call to find out how you can free up time, space & cash for yourself.


Here’s access to my diary: www.calendly.com/call-with-leigh  choose a slot to suit yours & you'll never have to stress over party bags again!