Avoid jam for better parties

For the sake of complete honesty, I'm not still in a jam but I was a few days ago.


You know the drill - heavy rain, roadworks, rubber neckers!


The forty minute journey took about an hour and a half. And sods law, it was the morning of a business meeting.


Darn you M6!!!


Later I realised I should have used the Toll Road. That run is always running smoothly, cuts out a whole heap of tarmac woe and importantly I would have arrived at my meeting on time, with poise and relaxed.


It also helps me sleep better the night before when I know my arrival is better prepared.


It's the same for your party entertainment business.


You sleep better and feel more relaxed when you have options for:


- attracting clients

- increasing their spend

- repeat booking

- referring you to their friends and family


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Speak soon


Head of Un-jamming Business Bottlenecks