The Sinderella Solution

Cinderella is all about finding her Prince Charming right?

Think again. Her problem wasn’t about finding her Prince but getting to him. All the menial chores & guilt that were put upon her, the ugly sisters that held her back, weighing her down consuming her every waking minute.


She was freed from the never ending cycle when her Fairy Godmother showed a whole new way of life that could await her.


Her dreams came true along with a happily ever after ending!


Ok granted it's a fairy-tale but holds lessons fromwhich to learn as we so often we get caught up in day to day hullabaloo, unable to see another way of doing things, perhaps even feeling guilty or scared to reach out for help.

 “No-one will be able to do it to my standards” I know that’s one I have to catch myself on before I shut the thought down & just do it myself! Nowadays though I make sure my standards are crystal clear to whomever I pass work to beforehand & it works like a dream!!!

It’s no sin to wish for anything in fact quite the opposite. It’s pretty darn smart to start thinking big & looking at what’s on offer to get you there.


Take a minute & have a think; what do you wish for in your kids party business?

    - More precious time?

- Less stress?

- To be more profitable?

- Or all 3?… 


Without her fairy godmother, Cinderella would never have been able to improve life for herself.

One of our biggest clients still today realised that outsourcing their party bags early on was a no brainer to help achieving the business they dreamed of…& he made it a reality! 

Here’s what Mad Marc had to say 9 years on:

"I made a decision between continuing to do my own party bags or grow my business - 9 years later I've realised just how much additional profit has been generated by Special Additions Party Bags for my Sublime Science party business, it was a smart business decision. Leigh and her team take the hassle out of party bags and this creates more revenue and profits for us plus the children’s faces tells you that they really love the items, everybody wins. Choosing Special Additions to outsource & supply these for us was a real no-brainer; I offered the best science parties which meant customers also wanted the best party bags!

Leigh has provided awesome ongoing all round service (even after the crazy heights that Dragons Den excelled us too!) seamlessly integrating into our existing business set up which meant I was safe in the knowledge that both my customers queries & orders were taken care of really well in addition to the added income stream the party bags gave us! “


Did you answer yes on all 1-3 of the above?

Book a 7 min discovery call here with me & I’ll share some of our secrets & systems that will make even the wildest of dreams come true!


FYI: The image is of the mural I painted on my daughter’s bedroom wall some 15 years ago to instil that fairy tales can come true!